Giving new life to your
oak barrels and providing sustainable economics
for your winery

Oak barrels perform an important role in the winemaking process. RenewOak was established to provide a new service that extends the life of barrels, reduces the environmental impact and provides huge economic benefits for the wine industry.

Over 2020 and 2021, RenewOak has undertaken wine trials using RenewOak rejuvenated barrels in a range of wineries in Vic, SA and WA and across grape varieties, with favourable outcomes. Wines from the rejuvenated barrels have demonstrated improved brightness and freshness when compared to the control (an un-rejuvenated barrel of the same age) and oak influences comparable to that from a 1-year-old barrel.

Benefits to your winery:

Substantially reducing the cost of barrel purchases (by 30%+) without impacting wine quality

Risk Management
Reducing the risk of contamination through use of older barrel

Ability to better utilise barrel inventory

Marketing / Price Premiums
Our rejuvenated barrels result in attractive characteristics for your wines – improved brightness nd freshness when compared with un-rejuvenated barrels

More sustainable use of a valuable natural resource